Playing sports after a long week of work in the office is one of my ways to keep healthy and balance my social life. It’s an automatic that every weekend I need to play either badminton or volleyball together with my friends. These games make me more energetic. My body moves around in the court which makes me more sweating. To keep hydrated, I don’t just drink water, I take also Pocari Sweat.


I know water is the most essential drink in our lives. I always hear it’s better to drink water than soda, juices, ice tea, energy drinks. etc. Our doctors always say we need to drink eight (8) glass of water a day.  All of these things are right, but for for me, it’s not really enough to drink water if you’re into sports. That’s why I’m drinking Pocari Sweat when I’m playing my games. It keeps me hydrated. This refreshing beverage is mild tasting, light and very refreshing especially if it’s cold.


This refreshing health drink contains electrolyte minerals such as, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Calcium. These electrolytes are lost by the body during perspiration. By drinking Pocari Sweat, it replenishes water and electrolytes in the body that we lost through perspiration to prevent dehydration. It has a 63 percent absorption rate, faster than any other liquid that can easily replace body fluids and other substances that have been removed.

You can also drink Pocari Sweat if you have fever and diarrhea. It will help you replace lost body fluids and re-energize. Some say it can also help to lessen the effect  of hangover. Hmmm.. let me try that in the future!

I really recommend to drink Pocari Sweat  for those going through dehydration because of everyday physical activities at work, in sports and at home, especially during summer. You must try it!

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