You may spend thousands of pesos to beautify your skin. And spend thousands more to get a fit and trim body.

But did you ever stop to think that underneath it all – what can give you a good feeling all over — are healthy feet that run and walk with energy and confidence?

Our feet are more important than we think. We can’t function well if our feet are tired. We can’t smile or feel good if our feet hurt. We can’t reach our destination if our feet make us wince in pain. That’s why foot doctors – called podiatrists – keep on emphasizing foot health. More than the shoes we wear, foot doctors say, it’s the socks that will give us the most effective protection.

Nino Sinco, a sports scientist who specializes in sports/strength conditioning and sports injury management says, “Your shoes can only protect you from the impact of the ground. All the padding in your shoes, however complex the design may be, only reduces the force of contact between your feet and the pavement. But the friction exerted on your feet by the insides of your shoes still remains. That friction is responsible for many foot problems like blisters, athlete’s foot and heel pain.”

That’s why people should get into the habit of wearing socks, especially if they have foot problems, or if they play sports that place an inordinate amount of pressure on their feet, says Sinco.

Socks that have additional pads in the friction and impact points are recommended for foot protection by foot specialists. Socks that absorb moisture and keep feet dry are preferable over socks that get wet, lose their shape, bunch up and contribute to blisters.

Thorlos™, a world famous brand of sports, walking and dress socks, is recommended by foot doctors for foot health. In fact The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has granted its Seal of Acceptance to Thorlos™, the first socks brand ever to earn that honor. “Thorlos® can add to foot comfort and protection when used in a consistently applied program of daily foot care and regular professional treatment,” the APMA added. “Thorlos are the best socks available for athletes and their performance,” adds Sinco who says premiere international and national athletes including our own Hall of Famers like Robert Jaworksi have been wearing Thorlos for years.

One hundred percent made in the USA, Thorlos have been around for over 30 years now and offer various levels of protection for sports and physical activities. No matter what the sport or physical activity, there are Thorlos Socks to suit the situation and protect the feet. Lightweight, mid-weight and heavy weight padding are available to suit the specific activity and the chosen sport, be it running, tennis, golf, basketball, mountaineering or just plain walking. (For example, golf is not as demanding on the feet as tennis, so Golf Thorlos have mid-weight padding, while Tennis Thorlos have heavy weight padding).

Thorlos are premium-priced because they are anatomically designed and have patented terry padding that protects your feet from pressure and impact. The padding reduces static pressure and impact, and diminishes shearing forces through the ‘Control•Slide®’ phenomenon : instead of the tissues on your feet moving in opposite directions, the terry padding moves under your feet, transferring the movement from the tissues of the foot to the terry padding itself. Also, to ensure that your feet are protected from the adverse effects of accumulated perspiration inside the shoe, surface moisture and water vapor are effectively channeled to the outside of the foot where they can be evacuated through the shoes. Thorlos’ proprietary yarn combinations that include THOR•LON® Acrylic, CoolMax® and other high tech fibers that ‘wick’ moisture away from the foot make this possible. This superb moisture management and the reduction of pressure, impact and shearing forces reduces fatigue, and helps you to enjoy your sport or activity longer, with the confidence that your feet are protected by the best foot gear available today.

Thorlos™ are available in the Philippines at R.O.X Fort Bonifacio, Rustan’s, Planet Sports, The Athlete’s Foot and Toby’s (Alabang). For more information contact Colerosh Incorporated at (02) 661-3022 and (02) 640-4326.

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