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GreenFocus brings to the Philippines its flagship product that provides unlimited alkaline water- the Waterboy.


Waterboy is a unique technology in Air-to-Water system that provides pure fresh alkaline drinking water from the air and creates a healthy environment within your home. You can also learn more about Simply O3 and understand the steps to get a healthier lifestyle.



The benefits of Waterboy are the following:

>It provides Unlimited Fresh Alkaline Drinking Water
>It harvests humidity from the air and dispenses it as pure, cool drinking water.
>It purifies the air, removing contaminants for a healthier environment in your home or office.
>It dehumidifies the air aiding to eliminate dry rot, mold and mildew and reduces allergens.
>It reduces helps to reduce as many as 11, 000 plastic bottles/year.
>Giving a peace of mind that we are getting clean and fresh water.


What also the good thing about the Waterboy, it meets international water safety standards to include Philippines based accredited testing laboratory, INTERTEK. It means we are definitely getting 100% pure ALKALINE WATER.

The suggested retail price (SRP) of Waterboy is Php 119, 900. You can pay it through cash or installment using credit card or check.

For more information, visit or you may call (02) 551 0860 and 857 2557 for other inquiries.

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