Puregold is officially the go-to retail brand for majority of Filipinos as it was recently awarded as the country’s Most Chosen Retailer in the 2022 based on CRP (Consumer Reach Points) Method which accounts for the number of occasions Filipinos shop for FMCG in-home direct to consumer purchases. The award is presented by Kantar—one of the world’s biggest data analytics companies—that provides analysis and insight into all the relevant trends of Filipino consumers.

World-renowned data analytics group Kantar awarded Puregold as the country’s Most Chosen Retailer for 2022.

In a shopper study conducted, Kantar highlighted that Puregold is able to deliver on what shoppers want most from retailers—value. Value is reflected on prices of goods and promotions that offer value for money. Puregold consistently offers the best prices for grocery goods as it cements itself as a trustworthy supplier for Filipinos.

In addition, Puregold’s impact to consumers was also driven upwards by its accessibility. With over 440 stores nationwide and increasing footprint in the provinces, Puregold squarely fits the trends noticed by Kantar in that Filipinos not only consider goods prices in their retailers, but also their proximity and accessibility.

“As a retailer, we always try to put our customers first,” says Vincent Co, President of Puregold Price Club, Inc. “And it’s always worth celebrating that the Filipino consumers have recognized, and put us first this time.”

The Kantar report also indicated that outside of Puregold, the leading channel source for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) still remains to be the local sari-sari stores, with 41% of Filipinos going to their pop-up stalls. And Puregold believes that the success of sari-sari stores is the success of Puregold as well.

“We take a lot of pride in how thousands of sari-sari stores and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs choose Puregold and our Tindahan ni Aling Puring program as their main partner,” adds Vincent.

As to what the Kantar Award means to Puregold, Vincent says that it’s a sign to drive more innovation for the iconic green and gold.

“We’re grateful to Kantar for this recognition,” continues Vincent. “And we’re even more grateful for every customer, Perks and Aling Puring member who have trusted and supported us along the way. This is an award that couldn’t be possible without those who put their faith in us.”

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