The biggest and most prestigious online gaming event in the Philippines LU! Live 2011, held at the World Trade Center last November 5, 2011. More than 10, 000 gamers joined the quest for victory at Level Up! LIVE 2011 to bond with their friends and online guild mates over exciting side events, fun activities, and the culminating national tournaments of Level Up!’s biggest games.

level up live 2011
Level Up Live 2011

LU! Live 2011 is also the battleground for seven (7)  prestigious national tournaments, with finalists from across the country aiming to become the champion of their respective games.

Complete list of winners:

Ragnarok Champion: Harabas
1st Runner Up: Wanted

Perfect World Champion: Dius
1st Runner Up: Fidelis

KOS Champion: Simple Clan
1st Runner Up: PoM

Allods Online Champion: Rebellion
1st Runner Up: Shadow Legion

RF Online Champion: ClanRogueWolf
1st Runner Up: Mutiny

Rohan Champion: Team RAI
1st Runner Up: Miss Pakiss

Grand Chase Champion: Nihi XML
1st Runner Up: Shocanats

LU Live 2011

Cosplayers Philippines

Level Up games gave lots of prizes to all the gamers who attend the LU Live 2011 and joined tournaments, contests and side-events. Cosplayers were also present on that said event.

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