Honestly, I really love shoes. I have shoes for my sports, for casual occasions, for my work or even for big parties. But basically I want a pair of shoes that is very unique and in-style. Since I want unique shoes sometimes I’m having a hard time to look for it. I need to go to different stores just to find a unique one and it takes all my time.

Res|Toe|Run Family Adventure Shoe Safari
Res|Toe|Run Family Adventure Shoe Safari

Pinoy Manila wants to share a shoe store where you can find best of the best footwear as well your favourite international shoe brands- the Res|Toe|Run.

Res|Toe|Run  Store
Res|Toe|Run Store

Res|Toe|Run is a one stop shoe shop where you can find different style and brands of footwear. Every Res|Toe|Run store looks like a real restaurant because the ambiance is almost the same with the eating place. Its employees wear uniform just like the waiters on a restaurant. The only difference is in Res|Toe|Run it offers shoes. Sounds interesting? Emphasizing on Res (comfortable casual footwear), Toe (toe flaunting sandals and slippers ), and Run (athletic inspired running shoes), expect to find mainstream favorites like Kickers, Sanuk, Native and Tretorn to more rare finds like Kruzin, Swims, Shulong, Salvatos, and Flipsters. I’m sure you will love this store because it also offers shoes that will suite the lifestyle of your mommy and daddy ate and kuya, down to the little ones. And also you don’t need to go different shops just to look for your favorite brand. Res|Toe|Run offers more than 20 shoe brands.

Res|Toe|Run  Family Adventure
Res|Toe|Run Family Adventure

Last September 22, 2012, I attended the at Res|Toe|Run’s Family Adventure Shoe Safari at the Robinsons Place Manila’s Midtown Wing.

Res|Toe|Run’s Family Adventure Shoe Safari is whole-day event showcased various fun family activities for guests to partake in and enjoy.

Res|Toe|Run  Family Adventure Shoe Adventure
Res|Toe|Run Family Adventure Shoe Adventure

The first thing I noticed on the event was the wishing tree where you can wish the brand of shoes of your choice. Actually, many attendees of the event went home with exciting prizes including those branded shoes.

Res|Toe|Run  Family Adventure Shoe Adventure

There was also Freedom Wall where you can write anything under the sun (oopps..it must be appropriate). I really enjoyed reading their comments and opinions… “super kulit ng mga messages”

Res|Toe|Run  Family Adventure Shoe Adventure
Freedom Wall

Kids and young at heart also enjoyed on educating and entertaining activities like coloring, painting, playing hula hoop and others.

Res|Toe|Run  Family Adventure Shoe Adventure

World Vision’s youth graced the stage showing their talents in dancing and singing. We also witnessed a magician showcasing his incredible magic.

Res|Toe|Run  Family Adventure Shoe Adventure

On the event,  People’s Walk was also formally introduced together of its brand ambassadors Tinee Cruz, Karina Velasco and Johan Aguilar,

One of the highlights of the day’s festivities is the Shoe Safari Contest wherein participating families had to design and decorate their very own artwork into a cosplay costume (it’s a big shoes) featuring one of the eight safari animals at the event. They can choose from making a zebra, crocodile, tiger, bird, leopard, fish, giraffe, or a bee. It’s nice to see this kind of competition because it will show Filipino’s creativity. Of course, this is a challenge so they really need to do their best and win the grand prize.

Res|Toe|Run  Family Adventure Shoe Adventure

Res|Toe|Run  Family Adventure Shoe Adventure

The 1st prize winner of the Shoe Safari Contest will take home P10,000 plus 8,000 worth of gift certificates, P8,000 plus 5,000 worth of gift certificates for 2nd, prize, P5,000 plus 3,000 worth of gift certificates for the 3rd prize, and a bunch of consolation prizes!

Res|Toe|Run’s Family Adventure Shoe Adventure was really a FUN! FUN! FUN! event. Juts like me, I’m sure every individuals and family attended  the event went home with a big smile. Don’t worry guys…this is just the beginning of Res|Toe|Run event for everyone. Watch out for their next event on your favorite Mall.

See you at the next event!

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