After conquering 6 of the highest mountains in the world, Filipino mountain climber Romi Garduce officially set foot atop the highest mountain in the Antarctic Region, Mt. Vinson Massif last Jan. 5 at 6:45pm, Antarctica time (January 6, 5:45am, Philippine time)- officially completing his historic “Seven Summit” quest after long 10 years.

Romi Garduce -Romi Garduce mountains-Mt.Kilimanjaro Africa- Mt. Aconcagua Argentina-Mt. Everest Nepal-Mt. Vinson Massif Antarctica-Mt. Kosciuszko-Mt. Carstensz Pyramid -Mt. Elbrus- Mt. Everest-2
Romi Garduce

According to news, Romi’s team has successfully reached the summit of 16,067-foot alpine mountain lying in the Sentinel Range of the Ellsworth Mountains on a cold -26 degree Celsius weather.

Here’s the list of mountains conquered by Romi Garduce

  • Mt.Kilimanjaro in Africa (September 2002);
  • Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina (January 2005)
  • Mt. Everest in Nepal (May 2006)
  • Mt. Elbrus in Russia (August 2007)
  • Mt. McKinley or Denali Peak in North America (June 2008)
  • Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia (December 2008)
  • Mt. Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia (July 2011)
  • Mt. Vinson Massif in Antarctica (January 2012)

Watch out Romi Garduce on Pito Para sa Pilipino: the Seven Summits Expedition airs on GMA and GMA News TV

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