Be alert on Scarlet Fever..ooopss..  I know what you’re thinking. “Hey! That’s not Scarlett Johansson. It’s a disease. You heard it right! Scarlet Fever is a disease.

Scarlet fever, sometimes called scarlatina, is a disease caused by a bacteria called group A Streptococcus or “group A strep”, the same bacteria that causes strep throat. Scarlet fever produces a red rash on the body and flu-like symptom.

According to news, there is an outbreak of scarlet fever in the territory of Hongkong -an illness potentially fatal among children. The fever usually occurs in children below 10 years old.  Symptoms include fever, sore throat, rashes and a “strawberry colored” tongue.It typically begins as a rash on the chest or stomach that can spread over the body, which could last 3-5 days.

It also advised people travelling to Hong Kong or areas with a reported outbreak of scarlet fever, to avoid overcrowded places and observe respiratory etiquette. The germ carried in the mouth and nasal fluids can be spread through sneezing and coughing.

“There is no need for the moment to issue travel advisories related to Hong Kong and scarlet fever. Travel advisories impact on economies which in turn hurt people,” said Dr. Soe Nyunt-U, World Health Organization (WHO) representative in the Philippines.

Scarlet fever has a low risk for international spread at this time. But we are continuing to monitor the situation in Hong Kong as it evolves,” Health Assistant Secretary Enrique A. Tayag, said.

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