Living in uncertain times highlights the need for stability among many Filipinos and their loved ones. With the local economy seemingly in flux due to the threat of inflation, individuals must make wise financial decisions and secure sound investments to safeguard their hard-earned money.

Golden Haven offers flexible payment options designed to meet clients’ individual needs and capacities.

For Golden Haven Memorial Parks, pre-need purchasing of memorial properties offers one of the most secure property investments. As a renowned institution in the deathcare industry, Golden Haven has witnessed how pre-need buying can eventually ease the burden of bereaved Filipino families during their time of loss.

Ms. Emy Lustado, Golden Haven Operations Head affirms this, saying, “Investing in a memorial property is a decision that involves both the head and the heart. While it is true that this is a financial move, it is also an emotional one that ensures peace of mind for families at a time when they need it most.”

Alyssa Miralles, a Golden Haven Cebu client, shares her experience of purchasing a memorial lot due to her mother’s untimely demise and how it became a learning experience for her. “It was a difficult time, and I had to produce a significant amount of money right away. That occurrence made me realize the value of buying memorial properties, pre-need,” she relates, adding that she intends to purchase another memorial property as an investment.

Golden Haven encourages Filipinos to purchase a memorial property ahead of time. They can choose from a variety of investment options in all of its parks nationwide, including lawn lots, memorial alcoves, garden niches, family patios, columbarium vaults, and family estates. These memorial properties have been proven to appreciate in value by about 20 percent annually, which means they have high resale value, granting significant profits for investors.

“Purchasing a memorial property ahead of time saves money in the long run,” Ms. Emy Lustado further explains. “By locking in current market prices, individuals can protect themselves from having to pay more in the future and eliminate the emotional and financial stress that often comes with making hasty decisions during a difficult time.”

Golden Haven encourages Filipinos to purchase a memorial property ahead of time.

These factors are a huge draw for financially savvy Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), who make up a significant number of Golden Haven’s pre-need investors. This is why the company intends to focus its efforts on encouraging more OFWs to invest in memorial properties, helping them secure their lives after retirement or even aid them should they opt for early retirement.

As an industry leader in memorial properties, Golden Haven offers flexible payment options designed to meet clients’ individual needs and capacities. Prospective buyers can make a one-time payment or choose installment plans, allowing them to pay for their investment over time.

Golden Haven offers various payment methods to make it easier for memorial property investors to pay for their chosen property. In addition to online payments, bank transfers, and credit card payments, investors may also use e-wallets such as PayMaya, Gcash, AllEasy, and other similar platforms to make their payments. With these options, investors can choose the payment method that is most convenient for them, making the investment process hassle-free and accessible for all.

Finally, as Golden Haven assures prospective buyers, acquiring a memorial property is not just a beautiful way of honoring the memories of our dearly departed. It’s also about Filipinos securing peace of mind for themselves and their families.

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