Shakey’s recently launched their  newest campaign that highlight their Chicken and Mojos.


The new campaign is called “Chicken N’ Mojos Blowout,” featuring Shakey’s iconic products that are unique to the brand. Foodies can only find the classic crisp, juicy flavour-packed chicken and deep-fried potato slices  in Shakey’s.

Chicken n Mojos Blowout has a serving size of 20 pieces chicken and a bunch of mouth-watering mojos complimented with two pitchers of Coke for dine-in. For carry out or delivery, it comes with two 1.5 liter of Coke.

The Chicken and Mojos variants are still available in Solo pack (3 pieces), Buddy pack (5 pieces), Family pack (7 pieces), and Party pack (12 pieces).

When it comes to pizza, Shakey’s is it. When it comes to Chicken and Mojos, all the more, it is Shakey’s!

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