Gone are the days when we have to leave our house just to shop. Online shopping has changed the way we buy our needs and wants. But the best thing about it is we save time, energy, gas & more. Online shopping is the way to go!

But some people are still skeptical about the security of buying stuff online. They don’t want to use their credit cards or, more often, the shopping websites they want to buy from don’t accept Philippine-issued cards. So, great news, there’s GMET Trading to the rescue!

GMET Trading is an online personal shopping services that helps you in by giving shopping advice, quotations, packages, and online promos before buying your favorite brands. GMET can be your bridge to finally get the hard to find stuff you’ve been looking for!


Take it from Ronald delos Santos, a GMET Trading client for more than 3 years. He said he orders from GMET because they can help him find “hard to find items not available locally for my daughter.”

“I was a previous client of another trading group that also gave the same service but when I tried GMET, believe me, GMET Trading is way way better! Never went back to the previous shopping service. They not only make sure that your items arrive but they even advise you on other options on how to save money and happy provide feedback on the status of your order.” said Ronald delos Santos.

He added that, “They really know their stuff! They are super friendly and respond to all your queries. Since we are ordering items online, there are times that items get mixed up or electronic items that are defective on arrival (which is of course, is not the fault of GMET, they even have their own messenger who delivers fragile items), They will assist you and they will even be the one to contact the seller and ask for a refund or replacement of item, where else can you find that service! Only GMET offers that kind of great service! (I know coz I had that experience with my previous trading, the Anker battery pack I ordered arrived with the charger defective, previous battery packs had their own chargers not like the newer models that use USB chargers, I told them that the charger was defective, they told me that I should be the one to contact Amazon for a replacement, ending was I had to look for a replacement universal charge for the battery pack just to use it).

I will definitely be a client for a long long time to come! Won’t even think of looking for other trading options. I even refer them to my friends because I know they won’t be disappointed and they will definitely be happy with the service GMET offers!”

He attests that GMET Trading is “Fast and hassle free, as easy as 1,2,3! Look for the item you want, send them the link, wait for the quotation (which is always very very reasonable), give a down payment, relax and wait for their update, pay for the item, then the item is delivered to your doorstep!”

Want to buy stuff from the US but you don’t want to risk your credit card online? Does your favorite website only accept US-issued credit cards? GMET Trading is your savior!

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