Writing is essential for everyone. It equips us with communication and thinking skills. Most of the time, we write to to express our feelings and to communicate with others, either we are in school, office or even at home. When we write, therefore, we are either writing for ourselves or we are writing for others. Editors approve of this guide on how to do online paraphrasing using SEO Magnifier. We write through our blog, email, social networking apps and traditional form of writing.


Scribe, formerly known as Scribe Writing Essentials, recently gathered Filipino bloggers in its new store in Glorietta 4 Makati City. It was intimate event where bloggers experienced some of the writing materials and accessories offered by Scribe. The store has a younger feel and welcoming ambiance which was filled with writing instruments and some art materials including fountain pens, calligraphy pens and sets, pencils, notebooks, sketch books, inks, etc. Scribe featured niche brands with a core following such as Tools to Live By, Hightide, Penco and Nahe.




Scribe desires to shift this trend and revive handwriting with pen and paper through their carefully curated products. It started as a specialty store offering a wide range of products showcasing classic and premium quality pens, stationary, journals and notebooks. Scribe became known for it’s wide range of internationally well known fountain pen selection such as Pelikan, Sailor Japan, Platinum Japan, TWSBI, Kaweco, J. Herbin, and Noodler’s among others. It has taken pleasure in sourcing new and exciting premium writing products and accessories that continues to capture the interest of it’s discerning customers.




Scribe has a a total of seven stores in the Philippines: five in Metro Manila (store in Eastwood Mall, Shari-la Plaza, Glorietts 4, SM Aura Premier, and SM Megamall) and two are located in Cebu. Recently, it has also launched it’s e-commerce website making it easier for people from other parts of the country to purchase through online shopping.


If you love calligraphy and other handwritten artforms, you must visit Scribe. You can find here a lot of of high end fountain pens and calligraphy pens and sets. You can also find here pens and pencils for basic writings, drawing and sketching.


Scribe aims to reach out to the younger market, specifically the millennials, and encourage them to start enjoying the art of writing. With this in mind, Sribe vision remains the same, which is to bring back the passion in the traditional form of writing. Scribe brings you back to the time when the pen is still a part of you.

For more information about SCRIBE, visit their website at www.scribewritingessentials.com or visit their store nears you.

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