Tagaytay Highlands, the country’s premier destination for leisure living, recently announced its modest growth during the prior year. It generated improved earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of 21%, ₱364 million in 2019 from ₱301 million in 2018. This performance reflected its higher margin products comprising of new developments, improvements in facilities and amenities.

Sycamore Heights is a contemporary, Asian-themed community that provides breathtaking nature views and panoramic vistas.

Developed by Belle Corporation’s (“Belle”), Tagaytay Highlands, a world-class recreational and residential complex nestled in  the relaxing atmosphere of the Tagaytay Ridge. The leisure destination of choice in the south features residential communities, golf courses, a selection of restaurants and a variety  leisure activities. 

The Grove at Plantation Hills became the latest addition to Belle’s upscale farming community. The22-hectare development promotes a healthy and holistic lifestyle suited to the discriminating tastes of its prospective homeowners. With lot selling and land development commencing in the second half of 2019, this leisure residential and eco-farming concept-in-one will feature orchard and garden lots ideal for growing fruit trees, herbs, and vegetables in one’s backyard.

The Grove at Plantation Hills touts 22 hectares of a lush green environment that promotes a healthy and holistic lifestyle among its residents.

Sycamore Heights, nestled at the heart of Tagaytay Midlands, has been providing breathtaking nature views and panoramic vistas in a contemporary Asian-themed community. Turnover of lots to owners and availability of prime lots continued to build property sales. Amenities such as Central Park Pavilion, Infinity Pool, Lounge Garden, Bird Watch Park and Rock Garden have been completed for the exclusive use of homeowners.

Yume, Tagaytay Highlands’ Japanese-themed community, maintained its investment viability as expansion lot purchases continued to soar. Exuding the vibe of simplicity and natural essence found in minimalist architecture, its zen living offers a stunning view of the fairways.

The One Tree at a Time planting initiative affirms Tagaytay Highlands’ commitment to environmental sustainability

Meanwhile, Nob Hill’s residential lots have likewise contributed to overall property revenue throughout the year. This community masterpiece boasts of picturesque vistas of mountains enjoyed from one’s home where the conveniences of modern living blend seamlessly with the beauty of nature.

Tagaytay Highlands’ strides in 2019 were made more significant with its 25th anniversary celebration. What started as an exclusive members-only club facility has evolved into a township that caters to the country’s affluent who appreciate the exclusivity and leisurely lifestyle it offers. As the estate celebrated its two and a half decades of unparalleled development of themed residential projects, residents and members continue to enjoy an exclusive portfolio of luxury homes set against nature’s best backdrop.

2019 also marked the resurgence for Tagaytay Highlands. In line with its modernization program, its drive for customer innovation resulted in the re-opening of newly reconditioned Swiss-engineered cable cars and funicular train transport system, which remain unique only to Tagaytay Highlands to this day. It was also marked by renovations at its recreational facilities and food and beverage outlets, namely Genghis Khan and Trellis, Highlands Peak, Tagaytay Highlands Golf Club, The Country Club and The Sports Center. Enriching the Tagaytay Highlands experience were new gastronomic choices that have added to the extensive culinary list of its well-loved restaurants and dining places – Concha’s Garden Café, Amare La Cucina, Lime and Basil, Gourmet Farms, Kaya Korean Restaurant, Brera Delicatessen, and Aozora Japanese Café + Bistro. Its wide selection of casual and specialty restaurants including the Highlander Steakhouse, Highlands China Palace, and
the Great Room of The Spa and Lodge continued to be favorite gourmet destinations.

As business in Tagaytay Highlands picked up, environment sustainability remained a top priority. Key stakeholders and partners once again joined the planting initiative at One Tree at a Time and boosted efforts to green the estate.

Tagaytay Highlands is confident that there will be continued strong interest in its premium themed residential communities as it remains committed to sustain its vision to be the exclusive leisure property of choice amid the demand for luxury mountain resort living.

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