The Crew of the Philippines won the World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2012.

Philippine’s Hip Hop Group-The Crew

The Philippine dance group defeated seven hip hop dance groups in the finals that was held August 5, 2012 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Crew dance group showcase an amazing performance with twist of exhibition and dance moves of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk on the beat of Smooth Criminal. Over all they got 752 score from the judges.

Mexico’s Neutral Zone got the 2nd place with a score of 737 while the USA’s Academy of Villains was third earning 735 points.

Last year (2011), the winner of World Hip Hop Dance competition for adult crew was Plague from UK.

If you still remember, Philippine All-Stars also won on this dance competition in 2008.

Watch The Crew’s dance group performance below.

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