One way of showing our kindness to our family, friends, and love ones is by giving them a gift. A special gift that will be reminded of how much you love and care them.

To be honest with you, I really want to give something cool and unique to my love ones on their birthday or on every special occasion. Unfortunately, I’m useless when it comes of choosing the right gift.  There are so many choices to buy but I don’t know which is which (sandwich na lng kaya lolz).

You know what guys.. I found something that will surely love by everyone specially the bagets (teenagers). They are so CUTE and ADORABLE! These are The Lucky Thai Voodo Dolls. They are here to inspire you to achieve your goals and dreams.  Hang them from your cellphone or bag, in your car or around the house or make it personalize as a necklace.

What is Voodoo Dolls?

When I was kid, I know Voodo Dolls is used by black Witch to represent the spirit of the specific person.  They use this doll in changing their attitude or influencing the person to act in accordance with your wishes. And these are all myth right now. There are new generation of Voodo Dolls-  the Lucky Thai Voodo Dolls.

What is The Lucky Thai Voodoo Dolls?

The Thai Voodo Dolls are toys that are made using one continuous piece of string. These are handmade that means each one of the Voodo Dolls is unique. Different colors use different strings and accessories are added to the individual dolls as well.

The Lucky Thai Voodo Dolls are not really magical. They are the things that will be inspired to achieve our dreams.

These hottest collectibles items are a great gift idea for family and friends.  When you give the Lucky Thai Voodo Dolls as gift you are passing on to your love ones all the good wishes and hopes and dreams that go with the dolls.

So what are you waiting for… collect the 50 designs that will give you Good luck, Luck in Love, and Wisdom.

For more information on Voodoo Dolls’ design and its prices, visit You can buy them at Clipper Gift shop and Mental Clothing shops. They will also be available at National Bookstores soon.

The official distributor of Voodoo Dolls is A&Z Magic Gifts and Novelties, Inc.

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