In this age of transformed lives, residential developments are realizing the value of integrating eco-centric living in their master plan. Such a lifestyle concept is fast becoming an essential, non-negotiable home living principle for today’s growing number of health-and-wellness-conscious individuals.

(Artist’s perspective of house design) Trealva at Midlands West gives residents a fresh place to explore and turn into a home where they can grow and give back.

It is in this light that Tagaytay Highlands reveals its newest residential district—Midlands West. This 320-hectare mixed-use enclave is founded on the leading mountain resort’s inherent values of ecocentrism, sustainability, health and wellness, and luxury mountain living. Such distinct design pillars converge in the heart of Midlands West where the district’s very first residential lot community breaks ground – Trealva at Midlands West.

(Artist’s perspective of the community) With a world reshaped a million ways, people search for untouched places to take them back to their roots. Trealva at Midlands West stands as a testament to such a timely quest for peace and quietude.

The latest addition to Tagaytay Highlands’ luxurious residential concepts, Trealva is poised to usher in a new beginning for this exclusive mountain complex. This sprawling 19.9-hectare property is masterfully crafted to weave together the potential of a beautiful mountainous environment and the consciousness of a community who understands the importance of conserving nature.

Combining Scandinavian and Latin root words to mean “bright, exalted land”, the name Trealva is home to Midlands West’s design pillars anchored on ecocentrism which takes utmost priority. In the same breath, wide-ranging vistas let future homeowners get the most of nature. With approximately 40% of the project’s land area dedicated to open spaces and amenities woven through stunning greenery, would-be residents can take in clear, sweeping views of the natural surroundings.

Guided by the eco-centric principles of Midlands West while moving towards development and growth, Trealva endeavors to renew Tagaytay Highlands’ symbiotic ties with nature with the integration of sustainable features as avenues for health-and-wellness pursuits.

(Artist’s perspective of central amenity) The Clubhouse offers a prime spot for social gatherings as well as much needed relaxation.

Trealva’s rain gardens are thoughtfully designed in order for wellness and nature to come together. As Trealva goes back to the basics, here, outdoor activities are encouraged so families can enjoy a plethora of passive and active experiences. Moreover, its sustainable parks serve as shared expansive green patches of nature to provide serene as well as breathing spaces in which the community can find refuge and solitude.

The main amenity, on the other hand, sits on a prime spot that showcases one of the best views of the lake. Residents would have exclusive access to the Clubhouse, adult and kiddie pool, and an event lawn.

The minimalist aesthetic that characterizes the project fuses elegance and functionality. Each home is structurally envisioned to integrate clean, simplistic design elements that blend with the surrounding environment. The theme is very organic, fostering a strong connection with nature. It utilizes natural light and ventilation, and values innovative use of natural materials.

Integrating the eco-centric design principles of Midlands West, Trealva meets nature halfway by creating sustainable living spaces for one to rediscover their place in nature.

In recognition of its steadfast commitment to continuously provide safe and secure facilities for its residents, and their guests, Tagaytay Highlands has recently been awarded the Safety Seal of the City Government of Tagaytay.

The Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development has likewise named one of Tagaytay Highlands’ developers, SM Prime Holdings subsidiary Highlands Prime, Inc., as one of CALABARZON’s 2021 Outstanding Developers for Open Market Projects.

Property Management also remains efficient—from compliance with health and safety precautionary measures to delivery of quick crisis responses during adverse natural and high-risk events.

New beginnings. Trealva at Midlands West works with nature to create better opportunities to live holistically without sacrificing comfort. At Trealva, nurturing one’s soul hearkens to wellness in the eco-centric spaces specially designed for those seeking to live well and live right.

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