Unilever Philippines, through its leading germ-kill expert cleaner brand Domex, celebrated World Toilet Day on Friday, November 13, 2015 at the East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City by announcing stronger 1 Million Clean Toilets Movement.

Domex 1 Million Clean Toilet

Hosted by Gelli Victor, the event was joined by members of the press, bloggers, online community, friends from Unilever and Domex, among others.

During the event, friends from Unilever Philippines presented a demo on the proper way in cleaning a toilet. They shared the easy three steps in cleaning a toilet; Apply, Brush and Flush. They also discussed a lot of information why Domex is the leading germ-kill expert cleaner brand in the country.

World Toilet Day 2015 Manila
Representatives from Domex and Unilever Philippines, Maxicare, UNICEF, and doctors from health intsitution partners

The 1 Million Clean Toilets Movement aims to educate a million Filipinos every year on proper toilet hygiene towards fighting diseases caused by unsanitary toilets.

In the first year, the movement gathered more than one million pledges from people to keep their toilets clean sanitized, answering the call for more responsible toilet sanitation. What’s more, with the help of UNICEF, more than 100,000 people are mow living in open defecation free communities. These improvements in sanitation and hygiene are contributing to a healthier environment for children and their families, reducing the risks of sanitation-related diseases.

World Toilet Day

This year, the movement is bigger and bigger with partners from health institutions and leading hospitals joining the advocacy, through the Philippine Public Association. “We wanted to help people who have suffered the consequences of poor hygiene. We want to educate them on proper toilet sanitation that will enable them to prevent sickness from happening again, ” said Anna Mangilin, Unilever Marketing Director for  Homecare.

Unilever also partnered with Maxicare to reinforce the 1 Million Clean Toilet Movement’s commitment to educating Filipinos on proper toilet sanitation. As the country’s leading health maintenance organization with an estimated one million members nationwide, Maxicare and its network of doctors can reach more health-conscious individuals and encourage them to adopt proper hygiene.

Patients at the Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center, East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC), Rizal Medical Center and Maxicare clinics experience germ-free toilets and are empowered to have the same for their homes, given the right tools for proper toilet sanitation.

All these efforts on toilet sanitation are in line with Unilever Philippines’ long term commitment to the global Unilever Sustainable Living Plan which aims to improve the health and well-being of two billion people worldwide by  2020.

Looking toward 2016, we are confident to educate a million people more as we drive the agenda among the top hospitals and health institutions consistently throughout the year, aiming to fight diseases and save lives, one clean toilet at a time, “said Liza Vengco, Unilever Sustainable Business and Communications Manager.

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