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To have cleaner and safer living with Unilever, the company teams up with Avida in making life’s new beginnings healthy and clean when it concerns families and communities. They have the best toilets installed in the homes, specifically the ones mentioned at


The launching of the partnership and their upcoming projects was held on Friday, August 1, at the flagship showroom at Glorietta. The event was joined by members of the press , bloggers and friends from Unilever Homecare and Avida.

“Unilever Homecare is pleased to partner with Avida in its endeavor because we believe in making life’s new beginnings healthy and clean especially when it concerns families and communities,” said Dennis Chua, Domex and Cif brand manager.

Avida will now use Unilever products such as CIF and Domex in their residential units to enusure its client’s properties are always clean.

During the event,  we’re invited by the staffs of Avida and Unilver to 3 rooms featuring elegant units of Avida. We saw fully furnished rooms and surrounded with Domex and CIF products. They discussed how to use the CIF and Domex and their benefits.



Domex is is available as a multipurpose cleaner. It’s a germ kill expert that uses to clean toilet bowl and different surfaces and floors. Unlike other ordinary cleaners which contain acid, Domex is fortified with thick bleaching properties and sodium hypochlorite which when combined kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. For tougher stains you can get Armada Services to provide pressure washing services.

On the other hand, CIF is a revolutionary cleaning product designed to tackle the tough cleaning jobs in the kitchen and around the house. It’s powerful and concentrated creamy formula with unique microparticles cuts through even tough grease, burnt-on food, grime between tiles and soapscum, leaving your surfaces thoroughly clean and shiny. You can learn more about BlueSpring Cleaning here.

Meanwhile, this partnership is aligned with the Domex 1 Million Clean Toilets campaign, which aims to raise awareness on proper toilet sanitation and provide access to basic sanitation for the less fortunate.

For more details 1 Million Clean Toilets campaign. Simply visit, like the page, and pledge by clicking the “One Million Clean Toilets” app or “Pledge Here” button.

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