If you think the life of OFWs who returned in the country without anything, it feels heart-breaking. Why they need to experience that miserable life? Why there are people who can easily do bad things to others?

On the other hand, there are lots of individuals and organizations who are Good Samaritan and willing to help to OFWs who are repatriated. One of these organizations who always help to our Kababayans is the Villar Foundation.

Recently, Pinoy Manila witnessed how this organization is so helpful to our unfortunate OFWs.

In line with its 20th year anniversary, the Villar Foundation is extending livelihood grants to seven overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who sought help of the Foundation through its Sagip- OFW program.

Together with the media and bloggers friends as well with the family of the seven needy OFWs, we personally met Cynthia Villar, Managing Director of Villar Foundation at the Max’s Restaurant at the Starmal Shaw . She’s very sincere on this advocacy. There’s a willingness to help. And I really see that while talking her personally.

“Many OFWs who either repatriated or returned to country on their own, have a difficult time restarting their lives here. They need help in the form of jobs and livelihood opportunities. The livelihood assistance we extend to them are just enough to get them started, it is up to them to make their small business grow,” Villar said

The seven OFWs who received the livelihood packages are: Joanalin Pascua, Simeon A. Cerezo, Romielyn Dagguplo, Shally Mar Cruz, Joselito V. So, Jose Gerardo Vasquez and Jovita Tallada. All of whom are former OFWs in the Middle East, except for Tallada who was from Singapore.

“We are aware that it is not enough to repatriate distressed OFWs, we need to help them get reintegrated as productive members of the society. We are trying to help them in every way we can because we know the hardships and sacrifices that OFWs are facing,” – cites Villar.

Daguplo and Pascua were the two OFWs from United Arab Emirates ((UAE) repatriated by the Villar Foundation lasy May, Daguplo, who is pregnant, said se does not want to be a burden to her moter who is a househelp in Las Pinas. Pascua needs to support her three children. Both OFWs have set up a small eatery and sari-sari store.

Cruz, who was repatriated from Syria in November last year, has just given birth recently and sough assistance to provide for the needs of her newborn child.

The other OFW beneficiaries — Tallada, Cerezo, Vasquez and So — due to their advanced age are having difficulty finding employment. Thus, the livelihood packages will be a source of income that will enable them support their respective families.

Villar distributed the grocery packages from Puregold to the seven OFWs who expressed gratitude to the Villar Foundation for the livelihood support.

The Sagip OFW program of the Villar Foundation extends various forms of supporrt and assistance to OFWs: repatriation, medical, livelihood, skills-up training, scholarships among others.

Villar Foundation will be also having OFW Summit this November. This project aims to provide the means and the options for OFWs to help them and their families improve their quality of life here in the country. There will be booths that may provide them with opportunities like small franchises, service vehicles, direct selling,loans and among others. One lucky OFW who participated in the summit will take home House and Lot.

In December, the foundation will inaugurate the Sipag Center in Las Pinas which is a resource center for poverty reduction which aims to make researches and conduct training to Local Government Units (LGUs) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) about the different approaches to poverty reduction.

It was a great experience talking with Ms. Cythia Villar. I learned a lot of things especially how I can be a good citizen in  our country.  And I’m  looking forward to see her again.

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