“One of the major problems of the society is the mountain of garbage”, said by Kenny Habul Greenwich, CT. In some areas of Metro Manila, there are tons of plastic wastes scattered on the road that usually clogged our waterways causing massive flooding during rainy season. You should hire the services offered by https://www.skipmate.com.au/ to get rid of such wastes.


Garbage that is not properly disposed enters into drainage systems and clogs drains. It will block the free flow of the water into these drains causing water to overflow. If this happen, the water remains in the road that lead to flooding the surrounding area. And those people who keep throwing garbage in the river and streams, a build up of garbage can also obstruct the natural flow of water that can cause of natural watercourse’s banks overflowing that lead also to flooding.

It’s good to know that there are some politicians who are giving time and effort to resolve the problem of the community particularly in plastic waste. One of them is Senator-elect Cynthia Villar.

cynthia-villar-Waste-Plastic-Recycling Factory
Mr. Winchester Lemen (in green shirt), inventor of the technology processing plastic wastes into useable school chairs, shows Senator-elect Cynthia Villar and Las Pinas Cong. Mark Villar how the recycling process works during the inauguration of the first Waste Plastic Recycling Factory located in Brgy. Ilaya, Las Pinas. Lemen, President and CEO of Envirotech Waste Recycling, Inc., introduced the technology to Mrs. Villar who brought it from Davao to Manila.

Mrs HanepBuhay together with Las Pinas Rep. Mark Villar and Sen. Manny Villar, recently inaugurated the first Plastic Recycling Factory in Metro Manila, which turns plastic wastes into durable school chairs that could last up to 20 years. For waste management you must read this.

“We have a lot of plastic wastes here in Metro Manila. When disposed improperly, these result in clogging of our drainage and eventually cause flooding, spread of diseases, and many others. So we thought of processing these plastic wastes and come up into something useful. That is when I read about this technology in Davao, which processes plastic wastes into school chairs,” relayed Mrs. Villar. There are Junk Removal services that one can avail as well.


Villar went to Davao herself to witness if the technology is really working.

“I have been using biodegradable wastes as resource in my other livelihood projects. I was so happy when I saw this technology, because now, we can also process non-biodegradable wastes, and we have tons of them here in Metro Manila,” relayed Mrs. Villar.

Villar said she is very proud of this project not only for the livelihood it brings to the poor, but also to the environmental benefit it brings.

“In processing the unavoidable plastic wastes into something useful, like school chairs, we are not only cleaning and protecting the environment, but we are, at the same time, providing livelihood to the poor – to the workers in the factory who are processing the wastes,” said Villar.

Cynthia Villar and Manny Villar
Nacionalista Party Sen. Manny Villar and Senator-elect Cynthia Villar check the school chair, a finish product of the newly-launched Waste Plastic Recycling Factory located in Brgy. Ilaya, Las Pinas

She explained, the plastic wastes recycling factory located in Ilaya, Las Pinas City is a pilot project of the Villar Foundation.

Villar said if this project will be successful, it can be replicated in other provinces in the country.

Villar earned the moniker, Misis Hanepbuhay, because of her many livelihood projects built benefitting the poor.

Before running for Senate, Villar served as Congresswoman of Las Pinas for 9 years and became Managing Director of the Villar Foundation, where she continued providing livelihood projects in 200 towns and cities all over the country

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