If the exhausting daily routine has devastated your energy, it is time to pack your most necessary stuff, buy a ticket and fly to the place, where you will have a rest from noise and haste of cities. In this post, you are offered to visit the Amanpulo Resort in Palawan, Philippines. Amanpulo is a part of Aman Resorts Network. It is famous for perfect luxury hotels and unforgettable relaxing experience, but let’s first things first.

First Class Flight

How to get there?

Amanpulo resort is located on the remote Pamalican Island in the Philippines. So, at first you have to fly to Manila, and you may choose one of the cheap first class flights to make your vacation even more luxurious. Afterwards, the resort arranges a private plane (up to 15 seats) to deliver you from private hangar in Manila to the final location – Amanpulo. This service costs around $500 and is possibly one of the most comfortable and convenient flights ever.

Welcome to Amanpulo

Finally, you are here in a 20 year old resort. Despite the hefty age, Amanpulo resort remains the paradise for customers thanks to its impeccable and amazing service, which keeps its high level in any detail of your stay in Amanpulo. After the landing on the resort private airstrip, the Amanpulo personnel greets you and you are provided with a private cart (water refreshments and cold towels with herbal scents are already prepared) to drive to the reception. You will be surprised, since the baked meals and beverages of our choice will be offered to the customers at the reception when checking in. Some customers joke that the checking in was even before the arriving!


All guests are welcomed with guest assistant, who provides a tour of the entire resort in the already mentioned private car (by the way, a solar-powered cart). You can stroll around the island by bicycles or in your club car. All cars are fitted with a clean towel in case if you decided to swim in the pool or ocean.

In order not to make you boring, the resort offers various special events during your stay. As a rule, these are accompanied by exquisite meals, live music and fireworks by the beach. Obviously, there are some services, which have extra costs, including spa services, gym private training activities etc. The complimentary services for guests include unlimited use of tennis courts, kayaking, snorkeling and use of catamaran. An interesting offer is the astronomy lessons, provided by a trained staff.

Amanpulo service

Despite the variety of options and offers provided by the Amanpulo resort, the main peculiarity of this place is its service. Any detail does not remain without attention starting with the plane seats with a bottle of water, earplugs and a guide with geographical information. A handwritten
welcoming note is included in every casita (if do not know, it is a name of a room) as well as the farewell note on the last day before leaving. Snacks, fruits, water and beverages are provided almost everywhere to make sure that all the guests are satisfied. Turn down services include local sweets and a wishing-good-night note! Such fact that Wi-Fi is available in the casitas and common areas is not a surprise, isn’t it?

Views in Amanpulo

A picturesque landscape of Amanpulo is the icing on the cake of your vacation. No pollution or any man-made distractions – only blue sky, clear water, and lush greenery covering the Pamalican Island.

There are some remarkable places, where you may order a private dinner. If you want to make you evening special, visit Shigerino’s Place or Gary’s Nest, adding decorations and proper tableware (naturally, the resort staff will arrange everything to your taste).

This place is where you will want to return.

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