When I’m looking for good earphones, sound quality and design are two of the top features on my list. There popular brands are both inexpensive and offer competitive specifications. I’m currently using the Vogue Wearable Wristband Leather Earphones. These are the earphones I use every time I go to work and out of town adventures.


The Promate’s Vogue Wearable Wristband Leather Earphones is a fantastic set of earbuds that combines style, sound and functionality.  I’m impressed with the performance of the Vogue. It has a warm, fairly detailed sound with surprising comfort. These exceptional earbuds come in at a great reasonable price point compare with other brands.


What I like about this style stereo earphones, the Vogue leather braided cable easily converts from earphones to wristband in a few loops. It turns to stylish and comfortable bracelet. The unique design of Vogue means I can wear the headphones on my wrist when I’m not using them. This eliminates the frustration of losing it. Sometimes, it’s really disturbing to find them tangled in your pocket or damaged at the bottom of your bag.


Whether your earphones are on your wrist as a bracelet, or in your ears as a great sounding headphone, this is a must have accessory for that perfect BOTD (bracelet of the day)! The Vogue earphones is a perfect gift this Christmas.

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