The Western Union Company recently introduced 25 Filipino workers who have made a huge difference in the lives of this country.

Western Union Honors 25 Filipino migrants as Heroes for Better

In celebration of its 25th year of operation in the Philippine, Western Union has launched the “Heroes For Better” Global Tribute and Advocacy for Filipinos. It’s a campaign that aims to celebrate and recognize the efforts of Filipino around the world who, in their own money, time, skill or expertise to make a positive change.

“Heroes For Better” campaign also aims to showcase these modern heroes as role models to inspire others to likewise take positive action to help create a better world. This advocacy about an ordinary Filipino who were able to achieve extraordinary things through their small acts of giving and heroism.

Western Union Heroes For Better
From Left: Nilo Beltran, Edmond Corpuz and Nestor Puno

In the recent presscon held at the Blackbird at Nielsen Tower, the leader in global-payment services gave three modern heroes to tell their inspirational stories to members of the media.

Present in the last ceremony were Nilo Beltran, founder of Skills Caravan, a non-profit organization who provides technical skills workshops to jail inmates, out of school youth and unemployed members of the underprivileged communities in the Philippines; Edmond Corpuz, founder of the “Black Pencil” advocacy project which helped bring school supplies to 1,200 school children in rural areas; and Nestor Puno, a missionary who teaches a small school in Japan for Filipino and Filipino-Japanese children who cannot enter regular school due to their residency status.

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