Fashion clothing brand Wrangler recently introduced its new advertising campaign, Find Your Edge- Boundless Traveler” in the Fall/ Winter 0f 2012, held in Robinson Place Manila.

Wrangler's Find Your Edge- Boundless Traveler” in the Fall/ Winter 0f 2012
Wrangler’s Find Your Edge- Boundless Traveler” in the Fall/ Winter 0f 2012

When I heard the title of the new collection, it immediately catches my attention. It is something that you can be fashionable when you are travelling. I’m a traveller and I think this brand really suites my lifestyle. Just to inform you guys… I really love denim pants and jacket. Check out my travel blog here.

Wrangler Fashion Show 2012
Wrangler Fashion Show 2012


The fashionable event was joined by the bloggers, friends from the media and Wrangler Philippines, and shoppers of the Mall.

Wrangler Philippines also invited models to showcase its newest collection on a ultimate fashion show.

Wrangler's Fall/Winter 2012 Campaign
Wrangler’s Fall/Winter 2012 Campaign

The Boundless Traveler demonstrates a free spirit on the open road who knows no boundaries. It is about exploring, feeling alive, going on adventures, and embracing unlimited possibilities.

The Wrangler Fall/Winter 2012 campaign is the story of two people who travel together from morning till night. Fuelled by the adrenalin rush of discovery, they are always on the move and eager to explore their next destination with functional yet edgy outfits for every journey. Is that sounds cool?

Honestly, I really like the concepts of this campaign. I know for a fact that one way of moving out from stress is travelling. Of course, when we travel we should wear the right apparel during our adventure. I have wrangler pants and shirts and it’s really comfortable to wear.

Want to be in style? Try to wear the bright-colored tops and lightweight denim bottoms to have a modern vintage look. Layer it with carves and jackets for your protection throughout the travel.

You may also check Wrangler’s acid wash jeans cargo shorts, organic denim, and reversible series, they are all cool and fashionable. You can pair these pants to a a cape or a jacket, with details such as zips and strings, in navy blue, biking red and viridis .

Wrangler’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection is now available in all Wrangler boutiques and leading department stores nationwide!

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