Due to the pandemic crisis, most of us prefer to stay at home together with our family. We want to make sure we won’t get covid- 19 as it spreading so fast around the world. Protect yourself and others around you by taking appropriate precautions and following the advice provided by the national government.

As we transition to the “new normal”, we need to be practical and wiser consumers. Everyone seeking value for their money on premium quality items. Good thing XTREME has new line of appliances that promote productivity and efficiency at its best price.

XTREME has multi-cooker which is available in 1L and 1.8L sizes. These Multi-Cookers are versatile and functional in many ways. It has an auto keep warm function to preserve heat of your food. A removable large steam ventilation, easy-to-read LED and an inner pot with non-stick coating are some of its benefits. It also comes with accessories such as scoop, measuring cup, and food steamer. For a more classic look, a jar type 1.8L cooker has professional porridge cooking function. It can also be used in making other dishes like noodles and stew.

Prices are as follows:

● Digital Multi-Cooker 1.0L 2,495 PHP
● Digital Multi-Cooker 1.8L 2,995 PHP
● Jar-type Multi-Cooker 1.8L 1,995 PHP

Another product that you might need is a blender. XTREME has blenders. It comes in 3 different sizes and modes, 2 have a traditional plastic jar body and 1 has BPA free plastic bottle type. The personal blender has a handy size and travel lid, perfect for making protein shakes, salad dressings, and smoothies.

Prices are as follows:

● Plastic Jar Blender 1.5L 1,695 PHP
● Plastic Jar Blender 1.25L 1,495 PHP
● Personal Blender 600ML 1,295 PHP

XTREME has also Electric Kettles. These are easy to use and sold in 2 designs. The glass transparent body has a blue light filter and the other type has a double stainless wall for protection of the hot exterior. There are few similarities with the kettles like pop-up lid, cord storage, and ample capacity that is enough to boil up to 8 cups at a time.

Prices are as follows:

● Stainless Electric Kettle 1,495 PHP
● Glass Electric Kettle 995 PHP
Induction Cooker

The new XTREME Induction Cooker lets you prepare and heat your meals faster and appetizingly. It features a soft touch control, high temperature protection, and 8-stage power setting. The product has 6 cooking programs that suit your different cooking requirements. It includes modes like normal fry, deep fry, hot pot, porridge, soup, and braise. The product is affordably priced at 1,995 PHP.

This current situation is letting us stay more often in our humble homes and XTREME Appliances wants to support your daily chores and household needs with functionality and quality.

For more information, visit XTREME Appliances on their social media accounts. The complete list of products is available on XTREME website, Lazada and Shopee pages.

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