For most of us, the BlackBerry® handheld is a dream device. Owning one gives you instant style points. You stand taller, stride more confidently, and generally feel like the world is yours for the taking.  But if you’re only using that sleek BlackBerry to call and text, then you’d better pony up those style points because your hot little smartphone is going to waste.  Packed with features and services to keep you online all the time, your BlackBerry is the tool to level up to a whole new social world, and only Globe can show you how it’s done.

Once you’ve had a taste of sweet BlackBerry® goodness, you’re sure to come back for more, with the latest Globe BlackBerry® plans for postpaid and prepaid users. Whether you pick BB Social, BB Messaging or BB Max, Globe will turn you on to the service of your choice, all day, as much as you want.

If social networking is your lifeblood, the BB Social plan is just the ticket to your online virtual life. For only P 299 a month, you can get your Facebook fix, post your pics on MySpace and tweet your heart out with this unlimited offer perfect for BlackBerry® lovers like you. Plus you get to chat all you want on BBMTM, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and more. Sign on by texting BB SOCIAL ON to 8888 and you’ll never be out of the loop.

Now if staying on top of email is the only thing keeping you sane, then the BB Messaging plan is the answer for you. It’s also just P 299 a month, this time for unlimited email plus use of BlackBerry® Messenger (BBMTM) and your favorite instant messaging apps like Yahoo!

Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Talk. Just text BB MSG ON to 8888 to sign on in a flash.

And if you think you could be a BlackBerry® super user, try BB MAX, which gives you all the unlimited goodness you ever dreamt of:  Web surfing, Facebooking, tweeting, plurking, BBM-ing, Instant Messaging and even video streaming, all for the bargain price of just P 599 a month. MAX out that BlackBerry in flash by following these simple text instructions: If you’re a postpaid user, switch on by texting MYBB MAX ON to 8888; and if you’re a prepaid fan, text BBMAX599.

With Globe, you can level up to a whole new online social scene, and turn on your BlackBerry® all day, your way, just the way you like it.

To taste the sweet BlackBerry® deals from Globe, call (02) 730 1000 or visit

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