Netizens have new reason to rejoice because Tattoo, the top choice of Pinoy internet users, has just made surfing more affordable and accessible than ever before. The Globe-powered Tattoo has just upped the ante on its popular broadband stick, dropping the price to just P 995 and packing it chock-full with 120 hours of surfing good for 5 days. While other sticks give you just one paltry surfing day, with Tattoo you get 5 nonstop days of blissed-out browsing at speeds up to 2.0 mbps. You can Facebook and plurk to your heart’s content or tweet sweet to your better half, and all the world can watch and read and enjoy. And you can even call and text with your Tattoo stick, unlike others that limit you to just internet use. Yes, it’s true: P995 gets you a reliable, economical, multi-purpose broadband hookup, so you can blaze through the farthest reaches of the Net without burning a hole in your wallet. It’s a buy that can’t be beat, and you’ll only get it from Tattoo, the brand that is preferred by more internet users than any other brand out there.

An offer this sweet can only come from a brand that’s growing by leaps and bounds, so expect more goodies to come your way. Dong Ronquillo, Head of Nomadic Broadband Business for Tattoo, says, “We will keep the surprises coming for our Tattoo customers. It’s already so easy to get Tattooed because it’s now the best-value prepaid broadband stick out there, with more free surfing days than you can get from other brands so you can browse the net for hours on end. We will keep finding ways for you to do the things you love online, with Tattoo.”

Get your Tattoo stick today by visiting a Globe Store, calling (02) 7301010 or visiting

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