Kim Chiu to play the role of the mermaid “Dyesebel”

Kim Chiu fans will definitely rejoice on this good news about their idol. The beautiful actress was chosen by ABS-CBN to play the role of the mermaid “Dyesebel”.


After the Kapamilya network released the teaser of “Dyesebel“, people have been guessing who will be the lucky actress to star in the mermaid story. Some were saying it could be Anne Curtis or KC Concepcion. But now, we don’t need to guess no more as Kim Chiu has been named to play the role of Mars Ravelo’s graphic novel “Dyesebel.” Read more about Kim Chiu to play the role of the mermaid “Dyesebel”

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ABS-CBN releases “Dyesebel” teaser

Mars Ravelo’s graphic novel “Dyesebel” will finally be seen on TV.


ABS-CBN acquired the right to remake Mar’s Revelo’s creations, and recently unleashed the teaser of the TV adaptation of the classic mermaid story “Dyesebel.”

There are rumors that Angel Locsin will do the role of the popular pinoy mermaid character. Some saying the role will goes to Anne Curtis or KC Concepcion. Read more about ABS-CBN releases “Dyesebel” teaser

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