Giant Bounty Fresh Chicken Installations Catch Eyes Along EDSA

An eye-catching Bounty Fresh chicken giant has surprised and brought smiles to motorists and on lookers in SM North EDSA in Quezon City. There’s also one cuddly chicken giant in EDSA-Magallanes (southbound) where amused netizens have mostly captured images to share online.

Bounty Fresh Chicken
One of Bounty Fresh’s giant chicken installations located at EDSA-Magallanes (south bound) has brought smiles to motorists

Most motorists can’t resist to look to these giant inflatable chicken installations. Even me, my head turns up immediately to see the cute chicken installation courtesy of Bounty Fresh. Read more about Giant Bounty Fresh Chicken Installations Catch Eyes Along EDSA

Bounty Fresh:

Personally, I love to eat chicken. The same reason why everybody else likes chicken- it really taste good. And of course, my favorite chicken recipe is chicken afritada, my mom’s specialty. It’s not just an ordinary afritada because it has a twist of different spices. I can’t explain the taste but it’s delicious. She’s also using country’s best brand chicken- Bounty Fresh. My mom loves to cook. Despite her busy schedule as a working mom, she’s able to cook and serve nothing but the best dishes for our family. That’s the reason why I love her so much.

Issa Litton @ Bounty Fresh event by marco adventure


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