Lifebit: capturing life’s moments via mobile

“We make documenting life addicting.” With this simple statement, Eric Clark Su sums up what new mobile application Lifebit is all about.

Eric, the co-founder and CEO of Twidle, Inc. which developed Lifebit, wants an exciting and extraordinary mobile diary that is a far cry from the usual tedious type which contributes to about 95 percent of online journals being abandoned in the first four months of use.

Lifebit makes journaling a delight through a game-like system of scoreboards, creative editors, and quests that levels up passion badges.

Eric of Lifebit

“We boiled down the essence of the best games, injected it into the old boring journal and came up with an experience – a sort of game layer on top of one’s life. We can capture life’s moments freely through photos, doodles, text, and later on, even through video and link them to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumbler wherever we may be,” said Davao-based Eric who leads a 13-man team. Read more about Lifebit: capturing life’s moments via mobile