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Whether or not you have acne, it’s important to take care your skin all the time. Pimples or acne can occur anytime, so you need to make sure your skin is always skin. There are lots of skin regimens that can be used to avoid skin problems. Either natural acne treatments or over the counter beauty […]

Proactiv Solution, the leading anti-acne treatment product, will help to keep your skin healthy, vibrant and acne free this hot summer months. It is safe and effective for almost everyone, and it can help prevent facial blemishes from becoming a larger skin problem. The sweltering temperature can cause sweating, which when mixed with excessive oil, […]

Proactiv is now offering a new exclusive product bundle available online. Customers can get a discount on Wen Cleansing Conditioner for every purchased of Proactiv kit. Promo period is until May 15, 2015. Customers can purchase a Proactiv kit (30-day or 60-day) from the Proactiv Philippines Online shopping site They have an option to upgrade […]

How you prevent acne breakouts and blemishes? Are you using pimple-fighter solutions or trying home remedies for acne? What ever your choice, you need to make sure it’s safe and effective. Your skin is the important part of your body so you need to put an extra-care on it. It’s been a long time I’m […]