Serisis: Food Supplement Cell Protectiom

Timelessly radiant with Serisis

Pacific Health Philippines, Inc. brings the new dietary supplement that ensures optimal protection against free radicals and preserves the skin’s health- the Serisis.

Serisis: Food Supplement Cell Protectiom
Serisis: Food Supplement Cell Protection


Seresis contains antioxidants combining natural plant extract, vitamins and selenium. It is a natural way to protect skin from the inside.

I know that there are so many skin products available over the counter to make our skin healthy and to look beautiful. But some of these products help only outside of the skin. They cannot do all the work. Good thing that there is Serisis that works below the surface of the skin.

Seresis is a preparation containing a combination of natural extracts of tomato and grape-seed, essential -vitamins such as Vitamins C & E, beta carotene and mineral selenium. The anti-oxidants contained in Seresis are strong free radical scavengers with a synergistic antioxidant activity, endowed with good epidemiological evidence of effectiveness in preventing major health problems (e.g, cardiovascular diseases or skin ageing), characterised by excellent tolerability and safety. The combination of lipid and water-soluble antioxidants in Seresis achieves an ample protection of the cells against free radical damage, thanks to the synergistic effect of the combined radical scavengers. Read more about Timelessly radiant with Serisis

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