The Del Monte Juice Drinks Go Real, Go Large This Christmas

Your favorite Del Monte Juice Drinks (Four Seasons, Sweetened Pineapple, Mango, and Pine-Orange)—the real fruit refreshment you’ve always loved— now comes in a larger, more convenient packaging! Since its launch, the Del Monte Juice Drinks has become a household staple and local icon in the realm of food and refreshments. Now, you can bring your delicious drink and get refreshed anytime, anywhere.


Convenience can be experienced with the new Del Monte Juice Drink in two ways. One, it now comes in a large 1 liter tetra, with a suitable amount to accompany you through your day, while not being too small it leaves you hanging and not too large that you can’t carry it around. It’s lightweight and easy-to-carry, definitely a treat for its suggested retail price of P60 ONLY. Secondly, the packaging is now in a resealable tetra, making it a hassle free partner for people on the go, or as the best drink to bring for long trips and activities on-location. Read more about The Del Monte Juice Drinks Go Real, Go Large This Christmas

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