JV Estrada has the answers

It’s good to know that there are senatorial candidates who are very open to the public. No matter questions be given to them by the people, they are very willing to answer with self-affirmation. And I believe that being truth to yourself will somehow show the way you answer a question.


One of the senators that I know who is very brave to answer any kind of question is UNA Senatorial candidate JV ESTRADA. He already did some special TV guest appearances and radio interviews. And guest what… from naughty questions to some political concerns… he has the answers. He was very sincere and honest for every word that came out from his mouth. He makes also sure that people would know who is really JV ESTRADA and what he can do for the country.

From naughty [What age did you lose your virginity?, The Bottomline with Boy Abunda, Feb 9, 2013] to nice [What is your biggest accomplishment as San Juan Mayor and how would you translate this into legislation?], Estrada has shown to one and all that he not only has the track record to back up his Senate bid, but also the gift of gab that will liven up the august Senate halls. Read more about JV Estrada has the answers

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Netizen JV Ejercito Estrada Stays On Top Of Voters’ Choice

The Election Day is fast approaching. There are lots of political candidates who are aiming to be on the position and to have power with their respective territory. Pinoy Manila is now looking for politicians who really deserve to win in this coming May 2013 election.

As a blogger, I’m always online to check updates or notifications of my social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With the help of these sites, I was able to communicate with my readers.

Upon checking on my twitter account, I saw a twitter post of UNA Senatorial candidate JV EJERCITO ESTRADA (@jvejercito), the son of the former president of the Philippines Joseph Estrada. The salon is very active on tweeting and replying to his followers. It really shows that he is an active netizen.


I checked this week’s SWS-W Survey and San Juan Representative JV Estrada was in the winning circle, at # 7-8, despite being on the opposition slate, and having to cut down on his campaign ads due to financial constraints. Read more about Netizen JV Ejercito Estrada Stays On Top Of Voters’ Choice

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