Netizen JV Ejercito Estrada Stays On Top Of Voters’ Choice

The Election Day is fast approaching. There are lots of political candidates who are aiming to be on the position and to have power with their respective territory. Pinoy Manila is now looking for politicians who really deserve to win in this coming May 2013 election.

As a blogger, I’m always online to check updates or notifications of my social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With the help of these sites, I was able to communicate with my readers.

Upon checking on my twitter account, I saw a twitter post of UNA Senatorial candidate JV EJERCITO ESTRADA (@jvejercito), the son of the former president of the Philippines Joseph Estrada. The salon is very active on tweeting and replying to his followers. It really shows that he is an active netizen.


I checked this week’s SWS-W Survey and San Juan Representative JV Estrada was in the winning circle, at # 7-8, despite being on the opposition slate, and having to cut down on his campaign ads due to financial constraints.

Cong JV ESTRADA has been consistently in the winning column of all surveys since he declared and filed his candidacy in October 2012. In the latest StratPolls finding released 16 April 2013, the younger ESTRADA is at #4-5, sharing the spot with fellow UNA candidate Nancy Binay. In the October 2012 poll of Stratpolls, ESTRADA was at #7, with 37% of respondents saying they would vote for him then.

In other polls, ESTRADA’s numbers show that he is one of the top voters’ choices. Social Weather Stations’ March 2013 survey placed him at #3, up from #9-10 in the SWS February poll. Pulse Asia opinion polls pegged him at #5 in January and #9 in March.

It seems the numbers don’t lie, especially when you see the numbers across a 6-month period. Issues and attacks notwithstanding, Rep JV EJERCITO ESTRADA is headed towards the Senate of the Republic of the Philippines.

During his 3 years in the 15th Congress, Rep JV Estrada was at the forefront of key issues, from pushing for higher budgets for State Universities and Colleges to the final crafting and passage of the Kasambahay Bill to the sustained effort to have the Freedom of Information Act signed by the President. The young lawmaker noted that the Cybercrime Law contains provisions which practically permits the state to suppress freedom of speech and persecute its political foes.

His social network presence is part of his means of connecting with his constituents, and staying in touch with the pulse of the citizenry, especially the youth. He said being an active netizen enables him to be up to date with the latest trends and other developments concerning young people.

“Youth development is one of my advocacies as a public servant. So being able to interact with students on a daily basis through Twitter and Facebook allows me to identify their needs and help them,” the solon said.

Estrada’s online engagement over the last 3 years has built a following of 102,480 on Facebook and 20,837 on Twitter, most of whom comment and share his posts regularly. This loyal following has also netted him a Klout score of 74, as compared to Pres Aquino’s score of 80, and President Erap Estrada’s 83.

Pinoy Manila and other netizen are ready to bring the online issues to the Senate, and it looks like the voting public believes JV Estrada is a must-have voice in the Senate for netizens and citizens alike.

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