Feel Like A Diva With Divatress

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Wearing a wig is no longer a taboo among many women. Some of the female celebrities and famous personalities are wearing wigs even they are not in front of camera. Most of them are wearing wigs to pair it with their make up and outfits. Some women use wigs for fun, medical issues or a new look or a new style.


For sure some of you will agree that wearing wigs are appealing and eye-catching. Some of the women who are wearing colorful wigs are definitely center of the attraction in the street, in the mall or even in the beach. Well, for some it looks cool, but for others it looks funny. At first, wearing a wig can become scary. People might judge you for wearing it. Whatever your purpose for wearing wigs, just carry it with confidence. Always remember, it’s cool to be unique! And besides, wigs are a big trend now! Read more about Feel Like A Diva With Divatress

PLDT, Voyager launch TackThis! Concierge

Voyager Innovations (Voyager), the digital unit of PLDT and Smart, together with PLDT Alpha and PLDT SME Nation recently launched its premium concierge services for online creator TackThis!


The grand launching was joined by members of the press, bloggers, partner businesses and friends from Voyager, PDT and Smart. Hosted by Issa Litton,  the event was held at the grand ballroom of Marriot Hotel. Read more about PLDT, Voyager launch TackThis! Concierge

Mossimo ticks

Before objects that could tell time were available to the masses, people made sense of time using the duration taken to complete their assigned tasks. For example, the time taken to work in the fields depended on how long the sun stayed in the sky. In the past, working hours were not fixed, unlike the usual 8 -5 or 9 -6 working hours that we have today. Think of how cool it would be, to work according to how long the day is!

Now, telling time according to tasks has since been a thing of the past. No one does this anymore! For the rest of us who have since relied solely on clock-time, watches are especially important, and Mossimo watches are especially appropriate.

Say hello to these beautiful time pieces available for both men and women.

Mossimo Time

Mossimo is a street-wear label in the Philippines well-liked for its comfortable apparel range. For those who have yet to hear of Mossimo, it was initiated in 1986 in sunny California by Mossimo Giannulli, who started off manufacturing and promoting his surf wear to local stores. Since then, Mossimo has achieved widespread success. It has since expanded and made its products available to the world, with an IPO to boot. That is really impressive. Read more about Mossimo ticks

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