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Iconic American brand PONY Footwear brought its loyal customers to Sin City, gathering rock fans and MMA enthusiasts in a Vegas ­style event billed as “Rock N’ Rumble Year 2.” With its battle cry “Let’s Get It On!” resounding during a night of music and mayhem, fans and attendees embody Pony’s devil-­may-­care, non-­conformist attitude and […]

You may not write songs like the Beatles, exhibit guitar wizardry like Eddie Van Halen or even dish out classics like Led Zeppelin – heck, you may not even know any of the people we mentioned but still you can’t pass for having the charm of One Direction – but it doesn’t matter. As long […]

The winners of the Pony Footwear “Show Off” Digital Film and Poster Art Winners” digital film and poster art competition was revealed and awarded last Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011 at 55 Events Place, Sct. Rallos St., Timog, Quezon City. Each winner of the Digi-Film and Poster Art categories received the following: First prize is P40,000 […]