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Globe Community ( is an online portal where both Globe and non-Globe subscribers can interact with each other, resolve concerns and inquiries, and foster relationships. It is built to empower customers to help other customers with non-account specific concerns. Members can also talk about their interests on food, travels, music, etc or read through interesting blog articles written by no less than the members and moderators.


As a symbolic day, September 17 (or 09.17) marks Globe’s aim to reach 10,000 members and become the fastest growing telco community in Asia. Read more about Be Part of the Globe Community

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Globe introduces the Globe Community

For customer exceptional experience, Globe introduced the Globe Community to Globe and non-Globe subscribers to explore, answer, and learn about Globe’s products and services.

Globe Community Homepage - Desktop

Globe Community provides its customers an avenue to interact, discuss, and resolve Globe-related concerns and topics via forum threads, blog entries, and contests.

On the website, the community is segmented into three categories: Products and Services covering Globe Postpaid and Prepaid, Republikang TM, Tattoo Broadband, Globe Mobile Apps, Network, and New Subscribers; Device Discussion and Troubleshooting covering mobile phones and other devices; and, Help and Feedback for members’ additional help not found in the website’s FAQs. Read more about Globe introduces the Globe Community

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