One way of moisturizing our lips is by using lip balms. A wax-like substance applied topically to the lips to relieve chapped or dry lips.

I receive a gift from Yummy Buddy containing their current product line. These are the cool Chocolate lip balms with different flavours.

Yummy Buddy is a home-based business that focuses on manufacturing handmade natural lip balms. They offers Chocolate Lip Balms which available in caramel, peppermint and vanilla flavour. The good thing about this product, it is made with natural and food grade ingredients.

I’m not really using a lip balm on my everyday routines. If necessary, that’s the only time I use the product. I’m working right now in a call center and the work place is really cold. As we all know cold temperatures and wind have a drying effect on our skin as well on lips. That’s the reason why my lips get easily dry. Thanks to Yummy Buddy, at least now I have something to use for my chapped lips.

The packaging of the Yummy Buddy Lip Balm is just like the ordinary chapped stick. You will immidiately notice that this is a lip balm. Since it’s a Chocolate Lip Balm, the color is just like the food I love to eat. The smell is like a real chocolate as well with other flavor just like the caramel, peppermint and vanilla.The consistency of the product isn’t too greasy. This product  really moisturizes my lips. Right now, I’m worry-free from dry lips even I’m working more than 8 hrs in a cold place just like our office.

Yummy Buddy Chocolate Lip Balms is priced at Php 65.00 per 4.20 grams.

For more information about the product visit their multiply site at

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