Capital One Philippines takes it community education program online by continuing to support Filipino youth by training and hiring them amid the pandemic through its community education program, the Contact Center Readiness Program (CCRP). The company updated its curriculum to answer the needs of the current learning landscape and adapt to the remote environment.

According to Oz Parvaiz, Capital One Philippines’ President, the curriculum was updated so students and teachers can continue the program from their homes.

“Thanks to an amazing Capital One team and dedicated students, we were able to find ways to continue the important work of providing employment opportunities in our communities despite constraints posed by COVID,” said Parvaiz, “We ramped up our support to meet the needs of our community partners by investing in equipment and tools needed for a virtual world. Today, our students, led by Teacher Camille Mondejar-Gillera, are able to continue the classes at home. We are very excited to see greater things ahead from our graduates and seeing them succeed as they reach for their dreams.”

Contact Center Readiness Program students in one of their Virtual Classroom Training sessions with the Capital One Philippines team.

In 2020, the team moved its On-the-Job Training (OJT) program online for Batch 9 students to ensure that they get the same learning opportunities as those in the in-person setting. Two years later, the team continues to successfully execute its virtual training with Batch 11 students graduating in September 2022.

This new curriculum continues to build connections between the students and Capital One leaders both locally and in the US. Students gain access to a more in-depth and personal mentorship where they have the opportunity to learn directly from Capital One leaders, see them apply best practices first-hand, ask questions and seek advice.

CCRP also enabled virtual immersions where students get to learn the basics of the IT-BPM industry once employed. Here, students practice mock job interviews to hone their communication skills. They can also access updated modules which includes a communications refresher course.

“It was exciting to experience both the classroom training and virtual OJT even with the pandemic. The CCRP helped us to enhance our abilities and skills. We also learned about important values such as doing the right thing. If I could rate it from 1 to 10, I would give it a 10” said Carl Dave Pangilinan, Batch 9 graduate and now a Capital One Philippines employee.

Pangilinan also added that he can now provide for his family on a daily basis because of the opportunity given by this program.

Education that propels the Filipino Youth to success

Parvaiz shared that Capital One Philippines chose to partner with Tuloy Foundation in investing in Filipino talent because they share the values of Excellence and Doing the Right Thing. “We believe a business is only as strong as the community in which we work, recruit and live.” The partnership with Tuloy Foundation has been ongoing since October 1, 2013.

CCRP students with their mentor onsite before the postponement of face-to-face classes due to the pandemic.

Since then, the program has produced 112 graduates and out of these graduates, 81 were hired by Capital One Philippines after graduation and the rest were hired by other companies in the IT-BPM industry.

“We have always advocated for an inclusive society by building thriving communities and creating financial tools that enrich lives,” said Parvaiz. “Our commitment to support the communities we operate in by sharing resources and helping them grow remains, and is strengthened, especially during these challenging times. We are happy to be able to bring this to life through our partnership with Tuloy Foundation and the CCRP.”

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