If you are looking for a good ambiance with good food, navigate here. Figaro restaurant/store are designed as European-style cafes with an elegant and cozy ambiance catering to the discerning, upscale coffee lovers, offering wide selection of specialty coffees from roasted, brewed to frost coffee.

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Figaro recently opened store at Barrington Place Congressional Ave. Quezon City. The coffee restaurant is definitely a must-see for every coffee lovers around the area or perhaps those people just pass by the area and wants to have some hot and cold drinks while chatting with their friends or talking to colleagues for business matters.

Figaro coffee,Figaro, figaro congressional,figaro barrington place,figaro quezon city,figaro pastry
Figaro Barrington Place Congressional Ave. QC. City

The restaurant/store was opened last November 19, 2011. Figaro is in Barrington Place and beside Sterling bank. Inside the restaurant/store, you will notice the ceiling of the shop having a wonderful and unique art of styles. The upper corner wall is covered with European-adventure glossy paper. There are also couches, wooden tables and chairs. The comfort room is clean.

figaro Philippines, figaro coffee,figaro congressional ave, figaro quezon city

If you want a place to drink hot and cold coffee, eat delicious foods, work or study, hang-out with friends/family and a quit place, head over to Figaro in Barrington Place, Congressional Ave.

photos credits to bubblyfluffy and annesy

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