Attention beauty enthusiasts! Your favorite lightening soap, Kojie.san, continues to reign as the top lightening soap in the Philippines, based on data from NielsenIQ, the world’s largest database of consumer-buying behavior.

Still loved and trusted lightening soap by millions of Filipinos, NielsenIQ has named Kojie.san number one in terms of sales, solidifying its undisputed position as one of the best products in the beauty industry.

As the country’s top lightening soap, Kojie.san isn’t just about having lighter skin—it’s about allowing women to define what’s their own idea of beauty—no matter what other people think.

The iconic soap Kojie.san Classic Lightening Soap, formulated with high-grade kojic acid to effectively lightens skin to target dark spots and uneven skin tone when used regularly, easily won the hearts of millions of consumers, following the brand’s vision of empowerment and taking ownership of one’s beauty. It has also another variant Kojie.san Skin Lightening HydroMoist Soap.

NielsenIQ’s top lightening kojic soap label also offers other effective and well-loved variants, catering to different needs and preferences.

The brand has also the Kojie.san Dreamwhite Soap—a variant created to its more mature market who needs a little extra care to revitalized their ageing skin when used regularly. It has the properties of Collagen and Elastin, combined with the lightening effect of kojic acid.

Finally, to cater to men who want to stand out and be on the top of their game, Kojie.san Men Lightening Face and Body Soap is specifically formulated to work best on a man’s tougher skin layer. It also helps lighten skin with regular use, especially the dark areas in the body.

A testament to Kojie.san’s success is the overwhelming support on its social media and people sharing their experience using the products.

One user shares, “My skin is really light and glowing now. I’ve used no other product but Kojie.san from 2012 until [today]; and I can say that it is really effective.”

Taking pride in Kojie.san’s spot as the number one lightening soap in the country, Kelcey Chua, Kojie.san’s brand manager says, “To us, this victory shows that we have led Filipinos to take ownership of what is beautiful, and make their versions of beauty a reality. This is what true success means to us.”

What keeps the brand on top is its commitment to listening to customers, and evolving and innovating with the market’s changing needs. Ultimately, Kojie.san prioritizes its consumers, making it the number one choice for lightening soap.

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