After our very educational and interesting tour in the United Laboratories’ (Unilab) state-of-the-art and world class research laboratory and manufacturing plant, we headed to the Asian Secrets Whitening Spa to pamper ourselves.


Asian Secrets Whitening Spa is the newest whitening spa in town, located at the Block-SM City North EDSA. It offers a luxurious way to whitening called the Javanese Lulur. It is whitening ritual which has been used by the exclusive brides-to-be from the royalty 300 years ago. This royal Javanese tradition passed down through generations, and has now been enjoyed as a purifying indulgence by men and women.


I’m a frequent traveller and I’m always exposed to the direct heat of the sun and pollution. Somehow, my skin gets darker and darker. I also noticed some breakouts on my skin, causing red spots on some part of my body.

Some of my friends recommend me to have a whitening body scrub if I want to get my skin whiter and to remove dead skin. Good thing I have a chance to experience the Signature White Indulgence of Asian Secrets Whitening Spa.


Did you know that body scrubs can improve skin complexion? YES! It’s absolutely correct! Body Scrubs can make your skin whiter and glowing. It also polishes the skin and removes dead skin.


Before I started the body scrub and massage, I took a warm bath. The therapist gave me an Asian Secret soap, a whitening soap with natural antiseptic extract. After the shower,  she started applying the Asian Secret Licorice scrub on my back , to my arms and then down to my feet. She’s very professional and gentle while doing Lulur dry scrubbing method. She also makes sure I’m relax and comfortable while doing the procedures.

The body scrub applied on my body has a component of called Gallbridin, which cause skin lightening and brightening. The Licorice with Mulberry Lulur Scrub has double whitening effect to the skin. This scrub is also recommended to those who want to fight acne on your bodies as it is anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial.

What the good thing about the Asian Secrets scrub, it has spherical beads that gently roll over the skin when applied. I felt the gentle exfoliation, leaving my skin smooth and supple without being abrasive of my skin.  So guys,  you need to be careful using other body scrubs because it might harsh your skin.

By the way,  the Asian Secrets Whitening Spa services are ranging from P400 to P1300 (depending on the treatments)


After the total body exfoliation using the Lulur body scrub recipe, I took a shower again. Then, the therapist applied the signature whitening lotion to my body. I’m so excited on this part because it’s time for her to massage my body.

The Asia Secrets Whitening Spa’s signature massage consists of whitening body lotion to hydrate and whiten skin and a body strokes to relieve stress and rejuvenate the body.

The therapist also did the whitening body wrap services to fully indulge and whiten my skin.


The ritual is completed by the whole body’s massage. This luxurious indulgence took approximates 100 mins. (including bath time). I really enjoyed every stroke of the therapist’s hands on my body. It’s very relaxing. All my stress were gone. I also felt my skin immediately became soft, smooth and glowing. I’m look so fresh after experiencing Asian Secrets Whitening Spa massage.

Thank you Asian Asian Secrets Whitening Spa for this wonderful experience.

If you want to relax and unwind, visit Asian Secrets Whitening Spa and experience their whitening services with massage, located at the 5/F The Block- SM City North EDSA. For reservation, contact 0927 3296736.

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