Real Beauty Sketches by Dove

I was watching YouTube videos when I saw this three-minute video of Dove’s famous “Real Beauty” campaign, showing a FBI Forensic Artist drawing a series of women.


On the video, the artist is asking some questions each individual about their appearances. He is only focus on his pencil and drafting board without looking the subject. He’s just also based his sketch on how they describe their appearances.

The artist created another sketch with the same faces. This time around, it is based on how someone else describes the person they met in the place. The artist asked again some questions about general questions about other face.


Each woman were so amazed on what they saw on the second sketch. It’s more flattering for them. The video taps into the insecurities of these women feel about themselves and their appearance.

I really like the message of the video, “You are more beautiful than you think.” This is somehow every woman should think about themselves. All of you are beautiful.  So don’t think any insecurity on yourself. Just smile everyday and be HAPPY.

Check out the Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches video below:

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