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The New You is the first Philippine publication that guides to aesthetic reinvention. The magazine fit to introduce doctors, clinics and hospitals who compose the cornerstone of medical tourism in the Philippines. It strives to clear common questions and queries like the Eight Myths About Teeth Whitening. It is also actively promotes hotels, leisure, destinations, and entertainment packages which compliments Medical Tourism.


The New You is the only magazine actively being retailed in over+ 100 Dental, Dermatological, and Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Metro Manila and Clinic retails are growing. The magazine already featured 5 of the most beautiful faces in the Philippine Entertainment Industry including Eula Valdez, Maricar Reyes, Pia Guanio, Dina Bonevie and its current issue cover Iza Calzado.

Readers will get a lot of aesthetic information from the magazine which divided into 11 main sections:

  • Beauty Buzz section which showcase over-the-over- counter, doctor prescribed and ethical products;
  • Skin Deep section which gives the lowdown on facial and body surgical procedures (invasive or non- invasive) and the procedures that one can opt for at My Botox LA Med Spa.
  • Laugh section features cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry; Check out Marylebone Smile Clinic for the best dental procedures.
  • Vision section focuses on ophthalmology, optometry, and other eye surgeries to restore vision;
  • Bounce and Polish section utilizes cosmetic and pathological treatments for hair and nails.;
  • Make me Over section features patients and doctors talk about their cosmetic procedures.
  • Medical Tourism section promotes retirement options, hospitals, clinics in the Philippines
  • All Natural section provides organic approaches to stay strong and beautiful
  • Headway section discusses cosmetic surgery technology being developed around the world
  • Focus Section introduces doctors, dentists, and surgeons in the Philippines. Check out quad zygomatic implants at Natural Teeth Implant Center for dental implants.
  • Talking Beauty Section updates conventions, ribbon cuttings and news flashes in Manila.


Grab a copy of The New You Magazine available in National Bookstores, Robinsons Department Stores, Fully Booked and Power Books for Php 200 only.

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