Banana Peel is “Everyone’s Favorite Flip Flops”

Tagged as “Everyone’s Favorite Flip Flops,” Banana Peel has introduced its latest collection and the good-looking brand ambassador John Lloyd Cruz, happened on Tuesday, January 21 at the Cerchio restaurant and lounge.

Myx VJ AI and John Lloyd Cruz

The “Burst” event was attended by members of the press, online community, friends from Banana Peel, among others, which was hosted by MYX VJ AI.

Hazel Pearl Andres, brand manager of Banana Peel opened the event and shared to everyone their idea that flip flops should not be confined in tight, four-cornered spaces, rather, it should be a part of the fashion savvy’s outdoor lifestyle. Read more about Banana Peel is “Everyone’s Favorite Flip Flops”

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