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From Amway, in partnership with Figaro, comes Achievers Coffee,Achievers Premium Cocoa Mix and Achievers Iced Tea with Stevia. These Filipino products are perfect for those who love instant coffee, chocolate and tea that are healthy and easy to prepare. Amway, a global leader in health, beauty and an outstanding business opportunity for Independent Business Owners, […]

Figaro, a Filipino chain coffee shops/restaurants recently introduced All-Day Breakfast and Classic Favourite Meals. Figaro is one of my favorite coffee shops in Manila. I always stay here if I want to finish some of my backlogs or meet my friends while sipping fresh brewed coffee. The European-style ambiance with classical sounds in the background and specialty coffee give me reasons […]

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Figaro restaurant/store are designed as European-style cafes with an elegant and cozy ambiance catering to the discerning, upscale coffee lovers, offering wide selection of specialty coffees from roasted, brewed to frost coffee. Figaro recently opened store at Barrington Place Congressional Ave. Quezon City. The coffee restaurant is definitely a must-see for every coffee lovers around […]

Bored at home or too much stress around the office!  It’s time to freshen up with new Frost and Latte at Figaro. Introducing the delicious Banana Berry Delight, a double, fruity and refreshing mix of strawberry and bananas with scoop of vanilla ice cream on top sprinkled with banana chips and strawberry syrup drizzle to […]