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Bored at home or too much stress around the office!  It’s time to freshen up with new Frost and Latte at Figaro. Introducing the delicious Banana Berry Delight, a double, fruity and refreshing mix of strawberry and bananas with scoop of vanilla ice cream on top sprinkled with banana chips and strawberry syrup drizzle to complete that delectable fruity dream-something that will complete your whole day. Every sip of it, you will feel so refreshing. The flavor of strawberry and bananas enticing the richness of frost and gives a unique taste of a healthy drink.

Figaro Coffee Company continues to provide customers the dream to set spirits on a high with their new drinks offerings at affordable cost.  For just P 145, you can have the Figaro’s new Banana Berry Delight Frost that will surely sweep those all those stress away. It may just be the Banana Berry Delight Frost that can save you off the bananas at work because the banana and strawberry flavors will delight your senses beyond expectations.

Another thing to look forward in Figaro is Raspberry Mint Latte, an addition from the Latte Love especially offered with a personalized Latte Art is hot cup of espresso-based coffee experience mixed with raspberry flavors and a slight hint of mint to satisfy and entice your senses of sweetness with freshness, just the right whip of flavors to cope with the crazy rain and shine weather these days. The art in the latte foam is really cute forming a leaf, a flower or even a music symbols. Your imagination will really works upon looking the Latte. With an art on coffee foam, experience a distinct and original refreshing mix of raspberry and mint to clear those mental clogs from the circumstances you face today.

Figaro’s new Banana Berry Delight Frost and Raspberry Mint Latte will be surely be your favorite drink at Figaro starting September 15, at selected branches and nationwide on Oct. 1, 2011.

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