My next destination will be at SIGAYAN BEACH RESORT which is located in Baranggay Plaiya, Laiya , San Juan Batangas. I heard a lot of good feedbacks from my friends about the good white sand beaches in Batangas specially in San Juan. hmmm..let’s see and find out!

The travelling time going to the beach resort  from manila is around 4 hours.

My former officemates  from a Call Center invited me to have a fun getaway in Batangas. As a certified “LAGALAG,” (traveller) I don’t have any 2nd  thougths to join them even I’m just came from Palawan. I really miss them and I want to spend  time around this people.

The resort room rates are quite affordable depending on the types of room and no. of pax..We chose the cottage room which has one air-conditioned big bedroom with veranda, 8 single beds (P150/extra bed) , mini-kitchen, tables and chairs, refrigerator, hot and cold water dispenser w/ one 5 gallon purified water, stove and gas. With regards to their amenities, you can take your meals in their simple restaurant that serves Filipino dishes. Enjoy their water activities like kayaking (250/hr) boating (800/10pax), banana boat (1100/5pax), jetski.They have also 2 videokes (P5 /song) which can be use till 10 pm only.

One thing I noticed to this resort was the beach area. You will see a lot of fishing boats parked along the shoreline which occupied a big area of the beach . It seems that the beach resort is open for public and not a private resort. Beside the Sigayan Beach Resort, there’s a small community residing at the area. It has white sand but not so white like Pagupod sand nor powdery as Boracay sand.The water is clean but not so clear. The beach front view is nice.The sea and the mountain range connect to each other which gives a good background for picture taking.

During lowtide, ( specially in the morning) you will see stones/rocks emerged above the water. I really enjoyed this part of the beach because the place is best for photo shoot. My friends (frissie and Dan) acted like real models..(naks nman super emote! lol)

Overall, we enjoyed our vacation here. Simple but lots of memories..

Ratings: 1-10 (10 is the highest)
Accommodation- 7
Room Rates- 9
Facilities- 7
Beach area- 7

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