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 There are lots of Pinoys now who are very conscious to his/her health. They are eating the right food with the proper diet. Some are going to the gym to lose weight to achieve their ideal body.

Beyond Yoga

You know what, there are also other ways to stay healthy and fit. One of examples of this is the Yoga. An ancient Indian body of knowledge that is a union of a person’s own consciousness and the universal consciousness. This is a form of exercises that improve circulation and stimulate the abdominal organs, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and among others.

But hey guys…I found an urban sanctuary that offers an interesting yoga. This is the Beyond Yoga.

Beyond Yoga, the country’s premiere yoga studio that offers different kinds of Yoga, dance and fitness activities. It features a main studio that can accommodate as many 30 mats, and a separate studio for private classes. It also provides Manduka PRO lite mats, blocks and straps to aid in your practice. Learn Yoga and share it with everyone else with the help of Marianne Wells Yoga School.

The studio is also equipped with lockers, separate shower rooms for males and female, a retail corner and lounge area.

The interesting Yoga I’m talking about is the AntiGravity Yoga. It is an aerial art form developed by Christopher Harrison, founder of the acrobatic performance company by the same name, with the mission or merging yoga, athletics and artistry.

Harrison recently came here in the Philippines and I was fortunate met him in person and learned about the Anti Gravity yoga. During his stay here in Manila, he personally trained 12 talented individuals made up team rock climbers, yogis, artists and fitness champions in the revolutionary team.

The gravity defying classes have you swinging and hanging from a silk fabric specially crafted for this aerial yoga. The hammock acts like a soft trapeze and as support. Men and women, young or old, whether experienced in yoga or not, will surely enjoy this getting in all sorts and twists while being suspended three-feet off the floor.

What is also good about this yoga, this is not the usual yoga. It is a fusion of yoga poses coupled with acrobatics, calisthenics and piltaes. In a 90-minutes routine, practitioners are guaranteed to have fun while reaping all the health benefits all the health benefits, one of the most beneficial spinal decompression through zero compression inversions.

Don’t worry for all the beginners out there , you are very welcome on Beyond Yoga. They offer a wide range of yoga classes, as well dance and fitness routines for beginners and have years of experience.

Beyond Yoga is located at the 3rd floor, II Terrazo, Tomas Morato corner Scout Madrinian Street, Quezon City.

For more information about Beyond Yoga and AntiGravity Yoga, visit or call (+63917) 5BEYOND (5239663).

Watch out Beyond Yoga at Bonifacio High Street Cental!

Note: Photos credit to Beyond Yoga Facebook Page


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